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Becoming Earth

We are a multi-disciplinary, integrated, whole-life, workforce development program, dedicated to the growth of human capital and the increase of sustainable, economic, and social growth within communities. Our core mission is to provide East Alabama an efficient and effective workforce development system that is responsive to current needs of individuals and businesses while also looking forward to future economic development initiatives.

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The East Alabama Rural Innovation and Training Hub is an economic development solution that includes incubation and innovation of rural ideas while focusing on knowledge-based skills and education, technology growth, and entrepreneurship across the lifespan. 

The model for this project will provide a comprehensive approach to develop human capital, foster innovation, create jobs, leverage local resources and infrastructure, and expand community, county, and regional engagement.

The campus will be expansive, focusing on incubation, preparing our workforce for on-demand jobs, K-12 education, agriculture, hospitality training, healthcare, and IT.

Earth takes a regional approach to creating economic change by capitalizing on unique assets of our community.

“In a rural place, the ground itself exists within you. Rural or small town, you know everyone there, and they've known you for ages. You know the places. The history. It is you. The ground. The land. It's not transient.”

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